Taking our services a step further, at Victory Surfaces we are now offering gunite swimming pools!

What is a gunite swimming pool?

Gunite pools are created using a rebar framework, which is then covered in a mixture of cement, sand, and water. Unlike a shotcrete pool, which is mixed beforehand, the gunite materials are a dry mix, with water being added on the job site.

Why should I choose gunite over other options?

Because of the way they are formed, gunite swimming pools allow for almost any shape, depth-transition, and design to be created! Curves, sharp turns, beach-entry pools—all can be achieved with this fantastic product. In addition to a diverse design range, gunite is also an incredibly durable choice, boasting flexibility and tensile strength that its competitors cannot match. While the up-front cost may be more than other selections available, gunite has proven that for lifespan costs, it is a clear winner.


We provide an array of services for your pool needs. Check the list below to see how we can help you.

Custom Pool Design

If you’re building a new home or are ready to turn your backyard into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of, contact us about custom pool design work. Whether you’re looking for a free-form shape with rocks, plants, and waterfalls to a more modern rectangle design with an infinity edge, we can help guide you through the design process to ensure your aesthetic needs are met. Adding in lighting, heating options, and more; our design professionals will work with you in an educational, consultative manner to help familiarize you with all the available options.

New Construction

For any of your new construction needs, give us a call! We work on both residential and commercial projects—hotels, schools, gymnasiums, and more. Our design and construction teams are experienced at working with owners, builders, architects, and designers to ensure the client’s satisfaction.

Curious about where we start? Here are the steps for Our Process:

Layout and Excavation

The process begins with a layout based on the design specifications you chose. We then excavate the designated area for the size and shape of your pool.

Forming and Plumbing

We form the shape of the pool and the walls. We install conduit for underwater lights all the plumbing for water filtration, circulation and in floor cleaning if specified in the plans.

Gravel Base

4″ to 8″ of gravel is placed over the entire bottom of the pool.

Steel Rebar Grid

Steel rebar reinforcing grid is installed 12′ on center throughout the pool. The bond grid is installed and the floor of the pool is placed.


The walls, steps, bench seats, swim out, bar stools, sun bench or other features are placed and shaped per your pool design specifications. The Gunite is hand trimmed and finished.

Tile and Coping

Careful attention is paid by hand finishing the top edge and face of the pool wall to provide a smooth and level surface to install the tile and coping. Proper preparation is critical at this point. Tile and coping is then installed. These are the first of your personally selected finishes on your pool.

Installing the Deck and Patio

The deck will be formed according to your design plan. Gravel and reinforcement will be carefully placed to ensure your deck is durable and has the finish you selected. Optional pavers are installed according to their specific specifications.

Interior Finish

White marcite plaster provides a smooth, durable finish and is our standard finish. Optional finishes include polished marble in a variety of colors that will give your pool an even more custom look. Ask to see our color charts.

The Final Touches

Just add water! Once the construction is completed it is time for landscaping, night lighting, patio furniture and accessories. We will be happy to recommend professional landscape architects to assist you in completing your backyard oasis.

Service Work

Already have a pool but need help with maintenance or renovations? Give us a call! We offer a wide array of services to help your pool stay looking and performing great year after year! In addition, we keep a comprehensive Pool Equipment Profile Database for each of the pools and spas we service. Knowing the make and model of your equipment allows us to stock our trucks with the necessary chemicals and equipment needed to perform timely repairs and maintenance. Below is a list of our standard services:

  • Equipment Repair and replacement
  • Leak detection
  • Pool painting
  • Tile and coping
  • Maintenance Services
    • Opening and Closing
    • Weekly Maintenance
    • Vacation Pool Checks
    • Marcite and Exposed Aggregate Finishes
    • Winter Watch
    • Acid Washing

In addition to our standard list of services, we also offer complete design renovation services. Get in touch with one of our team members to discuss the particulars of your project to see how Victory Surfaces can assist you.