Tile Installations

Let your style shine with a gorgeous tile project! An ever changing industry, new tiles lines are coming out throughout the year, highlighting some of the industries newest innovations and creativity.

Porcelain and Ceramic

With many advances being made in the industry across the years, porcelain and ceramic tiles are looking more and more like natural stone tiles, at a lower price-point and often with higher durability. In addition to natural stone looks, these tiles come in a seemingly endless range of size, shapes, and designs. As one of the most price-conscious and durable options on the market, porcelain and ceramic tiles are a popular selection among industry professionals and homeowners alike. Porcelain has an advantage above ceramic, as it is more moisture resistant and can be used on outdoor pavers. Some specialty finishes, such as a crackled glass coating, will need to be properly sealed before installation. Get in contact with one of our professionals to verify your tile selection will work appropriately for your intended installation.

Encaustic Cement

For homeowners looking to make a statement on their floor or walls, encaustic cement tiles are a great choice! These tiles have had a revival in the design community across the past few years, with their texture and style being heartily embraced. The designs are not a glaze on the tile, as seen on most other man-made products, but are instead created with 2 or more colors of clay being used to create the body of the tile. Since the color runs through the entire body of the tile, these are a hard- wearing option that is suitable for nearly any application—floors, walls, showers, saunas, etc.

Natural Stone

A classic for a reason, natural stone tiles look fantastic across decades of use!


Traditionally used in rustic, earthly looks, slate can now be found in more contemporary shapes to meet your project needs. With most slate colors ranging from black to green, this tile is commonly seen in applications where the indoor tile runs into an outdoor patio or porch, making a seamless connection between home and nature!


With the ability to embody almost any style, limestone is a time-tested favorite for outdoor pavers, pool surrounds, fire pits, building facades, and more!

Golden browns, muted greys, and soft whites are all naturally occurring colors in this beautiful stone. Offering a seemingly perfect range between beige and greys, Indiana Limestone finds itself the ideal complement to new builds and renovations alike.


A cousin of limestone, travertine is also a popular choice for more rustic, old-world installations. Formed in hot springs, travertine has natural voids throughout the body of it. For tile selections you can often request to have your stone filled and honed, although there will still be some visible gaps within the product.


Available in a multitude of colors and finishes, granite tiles are one of the most durable selections when it comes to natural stone tiles. For outdoor applications you can increase slip resistance with a honed or flamed finish, while an elegant polished finish can be used for your indoor flooring, cladding or other installations.

Marble and Onyx

Undoubtedly one of the most elegant finishes, marble and onyx tiles are as popular as ever! Delicate veining, visual depth, and an un-matched polish helps set these two materials apart from the rest. As softer stones they will show wear in higher-trafficked areas, but with proper maintenance these two stones will stay gorgeous for years to come! Concerns of wear can be alleviated with a honed finish or the knowledge that any natural stone can be re-polished a few years down the road.


Abstract or precise, mosaic tile installations make a statement! Mosaic tiles are well suited for a number of installations, from swimming pools, shower walls and floors, statement walls, fireplace surrounds, and more! Showing their range of creativity, mosaic tiles come in an assortment of materials: glass, natural stone, mother of pearl, metal, and more! While not all finishes will be suited for every installation, there are enough products available on the market to find the perfect choice for your project!

For outdoor pavers there are a number of products that perform better than others—in both natural stone and porcelain options. Once an appropriate product has been selected, we can help you determine whether a pedestal installation or hard-set installation would be best for your project needs. Get in touch with one of our estimators to discuss your project details.

Looking for a custom design but can’t seem to find it?

Get in contact with our estimating department! We can accommodate a number of custom tile requests, with a focus on natural stone mosaics.