As an alternative to replacing your stone or tile work, consider surface restoration.

Historical Buildings

Restoration can help preserve your historical building by keeping the original tile and stone intact and refreshed. Have a few pieces that are damaged beyond repair? Contact us to discuss options for matching/replacement of a few tiles, window sills, or thresholds. Our design team is very knowledgeable in locating and matching stone types.

Antique Furniture

For antique furniture pieces, we can clean and re-polish or hone the surface to make it look new again! Sometimes stone table tops get cracked during moving—we can also repair those. Make sure to keep all the pieces (taping them with masking tape can help) and give us a call.

Entry Floors

Entry floors, in both residential and commercial buildings, get the most wear across the years. Give us a call about our cleaning, re-polish, and re-sealing process. We can discuss with you different finish options and any scheduled touch-ups to help maintain the surface.

Fireplace Surrounds and Hearths

After years of use fireplace surrounds and hearths can become worn and smoke stained. If that’s the condition your fireplace is in, send us a few images and a description of the results you’re looking for. Our technicians can discuss with you options and the results each will yield, helping find the perfect fit for your project.

Flooring Systems

Terrazzo floors, concrete, and other flooring systems can become damaged from buildings settling and shifting over time. Whether a residential or commercial property, we’re always happy to have someone look at the flooring condition and make restoration/epoxy crack and dent filling recommendations.

Historic Architectural Pieces and Tile

Do you have a historic fireplace surround or tile installation that you want removed and re-installed in a new building? We can help! Our technicians are experienced in demolishing, cleaning and restoring, and reinstalling salvaged architectural pieces and tile.


As much as a patina can look beautiful, sometimes you just want a countertop refresh. If that’s your case, be it scratches, staining, etching, or dull spots, we can give your surface a beautiful new finish. Not in love with a polished countertop anymore? No worries! We can also resurface your stone to have a contemporary matte finish!

More Restoration Information

For restoration needs, some items can be polished on a job site while others will need to be brought into our shop. Get in touch with our estimating department to discuss your project specifics.

Damaged a furniture top beyond repair? Come look through our remnant yard to select a new material that looks true to the furniture’s era.