Large-Format Porcelain Tile

As one of the newest products on the market, large format porcelain panels are sure to make an impression! Boasting slab sizes as large as 5’x10’, these tiles are great for a number of applications. With a full color and texture pallet available, large format tiles can be used in looks that range from transitional to contemporary.

Modern Design

There are many designs options available for porcelain panels: solid colors, metal looks, and classic marble. All of these modern designs are created with cutting edge technology—high-tech printing, specialty coatings, pressure stamps for texture. With this myriad of options there is sure to be something for any style!

For Your Showers

One of the most popular applications for large format porcelain panels is virtually seamless showers. With the installation of these panels we can take an otherwise grout-filled shower and turn it into a sleek, luxurious oasis. With panel thicknesses as slim as 6mm, these panels also best preserve space for the homeowner.

Used as Flooring

In larger spaces, porcelain panels make a fantastic floor application. With
consideration to necessary floor texture (honed, coated), these panels can make any entry way, seating area, or conference center a grand space! While this application takes a little additional prep to ensure a level installation, the result is often worth it!

Fireplace Surround or Accent Wall

If you’re looking to create a focal point, porcelain panels also make an excellent fireplace surround or accent wall. With slab sizes tall enough to fit most ceiling heights, porcelain panels make an ideal selection. For installations needing multiple panels, many porcelain lines come with colors that are book-matched, to create an eye-catching detail. Other colors in the line may have three to four vein-match patterns, allowing you to connect varied designs across a larger span.

In the Kitchen

Another fantastic wall application for porcelain is along your kitchen backsplash! Solid colors or book-matched marble, you’ll have a breeze cleaning any food splatters with porcelain as your backsplash.

Trim it

A metal trim edge is a beautiful finish to porcelain wall applications. With a number of finishes on the market (brushed stainless steel, matte black, copper, and more) you can bring out the accent that suites you style best. If metal isn’t your style, no worries! We can miter the edge back to create the illusion of a thicker wall stone or we can simply polish the edge!

Outdoor Use

Take your porcelain panels outdoors by using this material on your outdoor kitchen or grill surround! Porcelain’s inherent properties make it capable of withstanding our freeze-thaw cycles, UV stable, and easy to clean. For more information on edge selections, check out the “large format porcelain” section on our countertops page.

Easy Maintenance

Another advantage of porcelain panels is the easy maintenance. While mild soap and water is our #1 suggestion for cleaning any surface, you can bring out heavier-duty cleaning products on your porcelain surfaces, should you deem it necessary. Resistant to stains, scratches, or wear from general use, porcelain panels are an excellent selection.

Neolith and Dekton

With similar fabrication characteristics, Neolith and Dekton often get described under the large-format porcelain umbrella. However, each of these are created with a different material composition and a different manufacturing processes. As such their individual performance will vary from that of standard porcelain. To learn more about each of these specific materials, please visit their manufacturer’s website.