Fireplaces, Furniture Pieces, and More

Bringing focus to a certain aspect of the home can be a challenge, but having the right vendor for your needs can make all the difference! At Victory Surfaces we make it a point to be that vendor for our clients.


Fireplaces are a beautiful focal point in any home. From understated to attention-grabbing, finding the correct finishes and design can be a journey. At Victory Surfaces we have worked with designers, architects, builders, and homeowners to ensure the client’s vision will come together in a cohesive and tasteful manner. Addressing challenges such as vein-matching, slab size vs. ceiling height, replacement mantel and/or hearth sizes, and creating reveals at joints, helps set us apart from the competition.

If you’re thinking of remodeling or designing your new-build fireplace, there are a number of materials to consider as you research:

  • Natural stone slabs or porcelain slabs. Things to consider when comparing: performance, aesthetic, cost, edge treatment.
  • Limestone in slab or carved design. Things to consider when comparing: aesthetic, mantel depth available, cost.
  • Stacked stone in quartzite, slate, limestone, or other finishes.
  • Cement, porcelain, or ceramic tiles. Things to consider when comparing: aesthetic, cost, material to match for hearth (if necessary).
  • Concrete.

Give us a call to discuss your project details and we’ll gladly get you an estimate for work or help guide your material selection.

Sometimes when designing your home you come to find that the perfect vanity, table, sink, or chair just doesn’t seem to exist. If that’s the case, give us a call! We’ve helped numerous clients create their dream space by helping them design the ideal Furniture Piece for their home.

What does creating a custom furniture piece look like?

Most furniture pieces are born from a vision—an aesthetic the client is looking for, an inspirational image—and then tailored to the client’s specific tastes and needs. Other times the project comes about from a more practical approach—wanting to have a table that is not only luxurious but seats the entire extended family at holiday times!

Water features, stone art work, backlit pieces

Water features, stone art work, backlit pieces, oh my! Whether you’re
looking for a custom carved marble tub or looking for a backlit countertop solution, we can help! Get in touch with our estimating department to discuss your specialty project needs.