Great for a rustic, industrial, casual, or modern looks; concrete is a versatile selection. Formed with either a standard aggregate or a fiberglass formula, concrete has made strides within the industry across the past few years. Now with the ability to be poured as thin as 3/8”, concrete tops and precast panels can be used in a variety of applications. Countertops with integrated sinks, wall panels, furniture pieces, table tops, table bases, and stools are just a glimpse into the possibilities of concrete. With the choice of pigmented additives, surface dyes, or natural concrete can meet all your aesthetic and functional needs!

We do not currently offer new-pour concrete services for floors.

Common Questions

How do I maintain concrete countertops?

Concrete is an inherently porous material. A such, this material selection for a countertop is known to patina—or change with use and age. Concrete is sensitive to acids (lemon juice, vinegar, certain cleaning products, etc.) which can cause etching and can stain if offensive substances sit on the surface. With that said, concrete’s patina is one of its most desired features! Like a leather jacket, this surface gets better with age! For maintenance we suggest using a mild soap and water on your countertops.

Can you change the look of my existing concrete?

Already have a concrete floor but you’re not in love with it? We can help! Using surface dyes and staining, strategic design cuts, and varying levels of polished/honed looks, we can help you make an existing surface look new again.

What if I have an existing concrete floor that needs restored?

Our team can address your restoration needs to find the right solution for your home, be it crack patching, re-polishing, acid washing, or more.

Where can I use concrete in my home?

Just about anywhere! Concrete is a great product that can be used in most applications, indoors and outdoors. Countertops, wall panels, fireplace surrounds, custom furniture pieces, you name it!

Do you offer commercial services?

If you’re a building owner, contractor, builder, or architect looking for concrete services, give us a call. We can help restore or apply those finishing touches to your commercial project.