Breton - cutting machines

Breton Contour Five NC1000

Watch the amazing NC1000 create an intricate sculpture for a museum display.

Breton Contour Five NC700

Spend a few minutes seeing how this amazing machine carves a gargoyle head!

Breton Contour Five

Watch as the contour five creates a spiral column piece.

Breton Contour Five

Watch as the Breton Contour 5 creates a vase from stone.

Breton Fuego Multiaxis

A clip of this amazing machine carving another beautiful sculptural piece.

Breton Fuego

Watch one of the Breton machines create a gorgeous sculpture.

Breton Shapemill

A Corinthian stone capital gets carved from a stone block.

Breton Combicut

Watch as this machine does a little bit of it all.

Breton NC300

More automated machine work by Breton.

Breton NC300

Watch as this automated cutting machine does its work.

Dekton - an ultra compact surface

Dekton- How is it made?

An overview on the manufacturing process of Dekton, learn just how much heat and pressure this surface is made under!

Dekton Performance Tests

Testing the Dekton surface against damage from heat, staining, scratching, and more!

Dekton X Gloss- Solid Collection

View the new Dekton solid color collection.

Dekton- Outdoor Kitchen

Food stylist Marta Muñoz-Calero shows the performance of Dekton in her outdoor kitchen.

Dekton X Gloss - Natural Collection

View the new Dekton natural gloss collection.

Soapstone - care and maintenance

Soapstone Maintenance

Find out how to keep your soapstone countertops looking their best.

Repairing soapstone

A quick tutorial with at-home soapstone repair advice.